Monday, November 7, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos: Truth-Teller? Iconoclast? Fucked-up Queen?


The phenomenon of a gay man shilling for the far right in socio-religious politics is nothing new: as such, Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t an original. The timing of the Alt-Right “movement” however has provided Yiannopoulos with a visibility and a platform which annoying gays with Histrionic Personality Disorder can only dream of, and he’s riding the donkey for all it’s worth.

But is he just another aberrant homosexualist who simply tells the truth, and damn the torpedoes? Is he a legitimate alternate gay male voice who sticks it to the sacred cows of LGBT political correctness as one should? Clearly he’s not an intellectual heavyweight: his consumerist queeniness with fashionista pretensions (in the worst sense of the words) underscores shorthand nihilistic opinions. It’s all marketed as take-no-prisoners edginess, via Breitbart. It’s hard to take his journalism seriously when decorated with glamour pix which appear to refute his powdered once-Mediterranean looks.

The above notwithstanding, he’s currently enjoying a good run on that bandwagon much-loved by conservatives: free speech. Free speech is a very good thing, as self-censorship is to be reviled. We’re led to believe that the down-side of free speech is hate speech, with truth sometimes being collateral damage. Any smart manipulator can run with that obfuscation of the left, and parlay it into a case against everything from feminism to identity causes. Of critical importance however is exactly how much capital-T Truth is being unleashed when the gloves are off. And specifically, how much truth is Yiannopoulos telling as he proudly trolls for the sake of trolling…like Anonymous Meets Perez Hilton.

 Now permanently banned from Twitter (for inspiring a bullying campaign against actress Leslie Jones) it will be interesting to see how he fares post-POTUS election. He claims the ban has made him more famous. But considering that currently the entire Alt-Right movement is essentially a social media exercise, time will tell whether or not it’s actually a viable political force. Yiannopoulos himself isn’t: his hubris and wing-nut Western European politics haven’t seen him advance up the media food chain with any notability. Sexuality – especially his own self-hating variety – appears to dominate his interviews and fly in the face of the identity politics he claims to oppose.

The press he garners fails to point out his narcissism and disconnect from reality - as if it's to be expected from a homosexual. LGBT reaction seems to be confined to the predictable outrage and boycott calls he elicits, and indeed feeds upon. He’s the self-hating faggot personified, but wears it as an anti-gay truth to be told. Similarly, his alleged Jewish lineage becomes a convenient Roman Catholic justification for his anti-Semitism. However, his on-the-fly diagnoses of transgenderism as mental illness aren’t backed up with a similar rationale i.e. taking ownership of the toxic personality disorders he exhibits. Claiming to have no feelings as if it's a virtue or sign of strength, he seems to be quite unaware of the questionable pathology such a statement evokes.

 It therefore comes as no surprise to have him tell us that he’s also a dinge queen who exclusively bottoms for black men. This unsurprising enlightenment is the biggie he brings on to take the edge off racism accusations, and so far he hasn’t been called out on it. (The dinge queen fails to acknowledge or even notice the very real pain and struggle of the black homosexual man or his culture, but instead chooses to callously objectify him, and (especially) his dick.) It’s a safe bet that Yiannopoulos underpins his alleged racial preference with plantation and/or “gangsta thug” fantasies: it’s highly doubtful they originate from the insights and sensibility a James Baldwin novel might trigger. "Black Cocks Matter"  isn't an edgier - or sex-positive - way of saying "Black Lives Matter": the former dehumanizingly refutes the latter.

 Milo Yiannopoulos thinks LGBT organizations should be shut down, and if this response by LGBT writers to his controversial Out Magazine puff piece in September 2016 is any indication of their value then he’s probably right. Rather than directly attacking Yiannopoulos for what he represents and promoting empowerment, we're instead treated to a pity-fest of victim culture and “hurt”...which is exactly what he delightedly rails against.

It would have been easier (and more effective) to just simply say “Milo Yiannopoulos represents ongoing self-loathing and poor mental health. We encourage queer men to recognize and treat their issues, rather than perpetuating them for the masses as self-serving media fodder.”

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